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7 Reasons Why I Can’t Do “Free”

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In a typical day, I get anywhere from 10 to 50 questions and requests to do something for others at no charge. A small number of these are from actual[ more ]

What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong?

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Some food for thought today: What if the girl who seems standoffish is just shy? What if your friend who declined a movie invite is scrambling just to put food[ more ]

Saying Goodbye to Tony


I’m writing this in the final hours before I take Tony, my almost 15 year old Siamese cat, to the animal hospital to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. I[ more ]

My Birthday Wish

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It’s my birthday today – December 1st. I’ve never been one for celebrating birthdays. I love celebrating those of others but since I turned 21, my enthusiasm of being able[ more ]

How We Snack On Information & What To Do About It

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Our society has become addicted to snacking: We snack with information. We snack with food. We snack with our interactions with others. We snack with our work. By snacking here,[ more ]

Getting Back to Business

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So right after I blogged about getting back on track with working out and a healthier lifestyle, I had a major setback. The problem which had plagued me for several[ more ]

Be The Signal, Not The Noise

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  The standards we set for ourselves impact our lives – and our businesses – in so many ways. I’ve shared some thoughts about how striving for perfectionism can be detrimental[ more ]

The Reality of the Recession


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When I was laying out the sections for this blog – the regular things I wanted to write about – I decided it was important for a number of reasons[ more ]

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