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Recipe: Vegetarian Chili

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Nothing helps against the winter chill like a pot of simmering “something – be it soup, stew or chili! I am known by friends and family to make a killer[ more ]

Recipe: Guilt-Free Quiche

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One of my worst problems with eating healthy is making sure to get my first meal of the day in early.  My typical routine is this: I get up, turn[ more ]

Your Secret Weapon in Weight Loss: Meal Planning

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I credit planning meals out as the number one reason I’m able to lose weight rather easily. Whenever I stop doing it is when I tend to start gaining. I[ more ]

My Dirty Little Secret

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For most of my adult life, I’ve made a serious effort to be consistent with exercise and diet.  But somehow or other, I’ve just let things get totally derailed. I[ more ]

How Much Does That Daily Starbucks Coffee Really Cost?

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I just got over a really bad cold. For over a week, my only source of calories other than juice came from Tim Horton’s iced cappuccinos. I was having 1[ more ]

When Snacking On Food Is Bad

Chocolate Cake

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Our society has become addicted to different kinds of snacking. We snack on information, we snack on work, we snack on food. Today I want to look at how snacking[ more ]

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