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When Stepping Back Is the Right Strategy

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What a couple of weeks I’ve had! Since I got back from California, I’ve been pretty well focused on what we need to do with the company moving forward. We[ more ]

How to Bullet-Proof Your Business With Contingency Plans

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Some days (weeks, months, years), I start to believe in reincarnation and that I must have done something pretty bad in my last life. It’s the only explanation I can[ more ]

Why Giving Away Knowledge Isn’t Always Good

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This is another installment in my “free versus paid” series. I have an affordable training program called “Converting Free to Paid” starting on March 1st, 2016 that will help you get[ more ]

How to Give and Get Paid

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One of the top questions I receive from people is something along the lines of – I have this knowledge/passion and I give a lot of content away but how[ more ]

When Do You Quit Your Day Job?


Although a lot of entrepreneurs jump into their first business full-time, the reality is that most small business owners start their businesses while still working for someone else.  A decision[ more ]

10 Barriers to Success in Business

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This is part 1 in a series I am writing about how people can make money online. Several times a week, I have someone approach me who wants to start[ more ]

Operation Zero Inbox

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I’m hearing more and more about companies that are starting to institute a zero email policy. For many types of businesses, email really doesn’t have a place. In my case,[ more ]

Work And Relationships: 4 Simple Tips To Creating Balance

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Note from Sharon: I’m pleased to share with you the first guest post at Terez Williamson is a friend and a relationship expert. Creating and maintaining balance between work[ more ]

The Truth about Passion and Entrepreneurship

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Passion. It’s one of the many hot topics when it comes to entrepreneurship. From Richard Branson to Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs – all have repeatedly stressed how important it[ more ]

Strive For Excellence, Not Perfection

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One of the challenges a lot of entrepreneurs face is learning to draw the line where something is “good enough.”  I wrote recently on the subject of perfectionism. I thought[ more ]

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