Twitter Are you following me on Twitter?


Please don’t…


DM me…

  • That you can show me how to get more followers (chances are I have more followers than you already)
  • That you can show me how to make money on Twitter (chances are I make more money on Twitter than you do)
  • A link to connect on Facebook and/or LinkedIn – I try to use both of those platforms to maintain communications with people I know better
  • A link to anything – I can see your bio when I return your follow, if a link in your tweets catches my eye, then I will look
  • A request to tweet or retweet something when we don’t know each other
  • Ask me anything via DM without first looking at my website to see if the answer is there
  • Don’t DM me after I follow back saying thanks for the follow – check out my site. LAME!
  • Anything that can’t be said in tweets

If you want to play games or answer quizzes on Twitter, that is fine but please realize many of these services send DM’s to all of your followers. It gets tiring to delete them. Please don’t do things that will DM your followers.

Please don’t join auto-follow services that then take over your Twitter account with tweets on how you can get more followers.

Please don’t tweet me with a link to look at.

Please don’t complain to me about my tweets via tweet or DM. You can always unfollow.

For any of these reasons, I may unfollow. In some cases, I may also report the person for spamming.

You may not agree with me. But the nice thing with Twitter is that we can each use it how we want.